BOLT stands for Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance. Our focus is primarily legislative action, through direct contact with legislative representatives, or through the judicial system where direct challenge to unjust laws will garner legislative attention.

"Compromise" is not in our vocabulary.

     It is our objective to form the nucleus of committed individuals who are opposed to oppresive and intrusive laws affecting the sport of motorcycling. Our efforts will be on both the state and federal level. We will maintain a list of high profile individuals to contact for information or possible speaking engagements, offer testimony, appearances before committees, etc., in order to inform and educate legislators and the public.

     Compilation of complete, accurate and impressive data will accomodate our effort to refute the lies and distortions being perpetrated on the American Public by such agencies as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Insurance Industry, the U.S. DOT, the California Highway Patrol, the American Medical Association, the Center for Disease Control, AAA, and others.

     We will inform the legislature and the public of the true figures and statistics in order to protect them from deceit. We will endeavour to stop the passage of helmet laws based on fraudulent or manipulated statistics.

     We will approach politicians on every subject related to our sport and our freedom, unyielding in our attack against ignorance and legislative protectionism.

     We will continue to take our case to the court system until justice for mtorcyclists is served.

     We will exercise every right afforded to us to continue the batttle until victory is ours.

Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo, Founder

"Human history began
with an act of disobedience,
and it is not unlikely
that it will be terminated
by an act of obedience."

Creeping Totalitarianism

     "Let us consider that arbitrary power has seldom or ever been introduced into any country at once. It must be introduced by slow degrees, and as it were step by step, lest the people should see it approach.

     "The barriers and fences of the people's liberty must be plucked one by one, and some plausible pretenses must be found for removing or hoodwinking, one after another, those sentries who are posted by the constitution of a free country for warning the people of their danger.

     "When these preparatory steps are once made, the people may then indeed, with regret, see slavery and arbitrary power making long strides over their land, but it will be too late to think of preventing or avoiding the impending ruin."

Lord Chesterfield, 1779
eight years before the United States Constitution was written.

"WHERE IS ABATE?" (April 1998) - This article was written for the BOLT web site three or four years ago, but it seems with all this bargaining at the expense of the reputation of bikers -- conceeding the "public burden theory" -- the concerns expressed then are even more on point today.

"Product Liability Cases Against Helmets" (March 1998) - Compilation of sampling of helmet liability cases suggests helmets not the safety product many would have you believe. Most studies brought to the public's attention praise the safety benefits of motorcycle helmets. A few studies have been conducted over time which have questioned the ability of helmets to prevent injury at speeds above 15-20 mph.

"Understanding Head and Neck Trauma" (January 1998) - Trauma is a type of injury which effects the body by external force being applied in a violent and sudden manner. When dealing with motorcycle accidents, it's important to understand the types of forces which a rider is subjected to, the body parts affected by these forces, and how the body reacts to certain inertia or 'g-forces'.

"Illegal Search and Seizure" (January 1997) - The Minnesota Supreme Court upheld a biker's rights against illegal search and seizure. Here are some interesting facts about your rights, and how to protect them.

"Reflections on 1996 and of the Future" (December 1996) - This article was prompted by numerous requests by ABATE of California officers asking that Pan write something (presumably negative) about BOLT of California. "I'm sure it's not what they had in mind," explained Pan, "but then, as I always said, this ain't no popularity contest."

"CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE -- A Viable Option For The 90's?" (October 1996) - Tony Sanfelipo lays down some thoughts regarding the biker community's approach to fighting for their freedom, and how that strategy compares with the experience of other minorities in the past.

"Perceptons and Personal Opinions About MRF Meeting of the Minds" (October 1996) - Tony Sanfelipo attended the MRF's "Meeting of the Minds", and reports back to the rest of us on how (and what) they're doing, and otherwise how things are going.
STEELE ALPHABET - ABC's (August 1996) - by Gene Steele. Steele takes a shot at trying to explain just one of the dynamics involved in the struggle to restore the rights of bikers. Not for the intellectually impaired.
"MRF NEWS RELEASE" (August 1996) - Mark Buckner and Wayne Curtin resigned from the National Coalition Of Motorcyclists, and explained in a press release dated August 19, 1996.
"Don't Say We Didn't Tell You . . ." (June 1996) - An article written by Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo covering some recent decisions coming out of Florida -- decisions which validate the "No list? No Law" approach to fighting helmet laws which had its beginnings with the HLDL and BOLT.
"Lawyers In the Rights Movement" - An interesting article was printed last year in "On The Road", the KMA/KBA newsletter for Kentucky. It expressed deep concerns about lawyer involvement in the motorcycle rights movement due to a particularly unpleasant event that took place.
"NMA Highway Robbery Award" (April 1996) - National Motorists Association members have selected the United States Environmental Protection Agency as the recipient of their first Annual Award for the Advancement of Highway Robbery.

    If you're not living on the


    you're taking up too much

    S P A C E !

    I Am Sovereign

         "In so far as there is any worldly sovereign in the United States, it is not the general will, or the Congress, or the President. It is I. I am sovereign here. I hold the highest office of the land, the office of citizen, with responsibilities to my country heavier, by virtue of my office, than those of any other officer, including the President.

         "I cannot abdicate my right, because it is inalienable. If I try to abdicate it, to the general will, or to my representatives or my ministers, I am guilty of betraying not only democracy but my nature as a man endowed with certain inalienable rights.

    from The Tribute Money,
    by Milton Mayer.

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